December 10 on 10 - 2018 | Evelyne Portraits & Lifestyle Photographer | Philadelphia - PA

For my December post I wanted to choose my favorite “10” photos of 2018, which is basically impossible when you photograph almost every day of the year.  I have so many favorites, and each of them are special for a different reason, so I decided to pick one photo for each month. I wouldn’t say they were my “best” technically or creatively, but they were definitely the highlights of each month.


January: We were excited to be getting to the end of our ‘new house renovation’. This was the last portrait of the girls and our pets at our old house and it takes a special place in my heart.


February: We moved and started to settle into our new home while getting ready for Liam’s arrival.


March: We welcomed baby Liam on the 9th. He was so far my easiest and smoothest pregnancy, delivery and recovery. He has also been an incredibly easy baby besides still getting up a lot at night to nurse.


April: Liam turned one month, and I took some of my favorite photos of the three together. I love seeing their relationships grow each day.


May: We visited the Eastern State Penitentiary for the first time as a family, and the girls loved listening to all the awesome fact about this place. 


June: Yasmin and I went on a photo walk in Old City, Philadelphia. It is a rare occasion for us to be alone together, but so special and meaningful to me to listen to her without interruption.


July: Liam and I spent lots of time inside, while the girls enjoyed their new pool. 


Also taken in July, this was my favorite portrait of Penelope of 2018. Already breaking my one photo per month rule. Oops! 


August: We went on vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC. I took a mirror selfie, my favorite photo of me this year.


Also in August, my favorite portrait of Yasmin on our walk to see the sunrise.


September: Penelope started kindergarten and Yasmin started middle school. We visited the park a lot of times in order to clear our minds of the busy and stressful first days of school.


October: We enjoyed our last month with great grandma before she left to Brazil.  


November: This is what mornings are like for us. Liam crawls around, and the girls do school work, while the pets entertain and sometimes distract. We enjoy each other’s company a whole lot, almost all the time. lol…


December: We visited Longwood Gardens with grandma.

We are so thankful for this beautiful year and the many amazing things that have happened to us. We are looking forward to 2019, and wishing all of our friends Happy Holidays! We hope you are able to enjoy it by being surrounded with the people you love.

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