Week 3 | Liam Portrait


Not many milestones this week. You are doing so well, feeding, pooping, doing all the things you should be doing at this stage. You've gained as much weight as you should have, your belly button stump fell off at 19 days, and all the good things we could expect. You've been with us for such a short period, yet it seems like we've known you for ages. Because of you, our family is complete. WE LOVE YOU LIAM!

Week 2 | Liam Portrait


Two weeks with you. I wish I would have written this post before, because right now I've forgotten most of what happened that second week. It's funny how these first weeks all turn into a blur in my memory. The sleepless nights, feeding, burping, diaper changing... it all blends in together. I am taking it slow and trying to enjoy this part with you, constantly reminding myself that it goes by way too fast. I want to take in every moment!

12/52 | Penelope Portrait


Oh how you love your tiny trinkets. We haven't been outdoors much even though you and your sister sometimes are able to play in the yard and we are so happy about having that space for you guys. We cannot wait until the weather is nice and we can step out more and do more things out there. We are looking forward to some gardening, and getting a trampoline for you guys to burn some energy.  Counting the days until the 'real spring' ...

11/52 | Penelope Portrait


This has been such a huge week for you. You went from little sister to middle sister, and no longer the baby of the house. It wasn’t as easy for you accepting this role as it was for your sister when she became the big sister. You’re warming up to little brother and I’m sure you soon will be proud of your role as middle/big sister. He’s not very interesting to you right now, I totally get it, but he will find his way into your heart soon. I’m sure of it.

11/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


You take the big sister role very seriously. I honestly don’t know how I’d have managed without you this week. You watched your brother so I could shower and did simple but essencial things that I needed some. He loves listening to your voice when you talk or read, he knows who you are, our guardian angel. God blessed me with the best helper I could have dreamed of. I’m so so so proud and glad to have you my big girl. 

10/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


We had the most beautiful week! Lots of relaxing and enjoying our time together. It snowed, and you guys played outside for almost two hours. You didn’t want to come in but it continued to snow and one of the tree branches fell near my car, which scared me to death because you guys had just been playing there. You came inside and we had an amazing lunch and white chocolate for dessert. We caught up on some math so that when Liam is born you could handle most things without too much help from me. You are so responsible and I have no doubt that you will do so well even without me. 

Baby Liam | Week 40


Hey baby boy, WE made it to 40 weeks. You're pretty tight in there, and things have gotten harder, but you're still pretty cozy and I am still happy to have you inside. I am not rushing you in any way. We do our daily things together, homeschooling, preparing food, cleaning the house, shopping and planning... and you have allowed me to do it all. I am so thankful for this pregnancy. I didn't know I wanted to be a mother for the third time. The thought of going through pregnancy and birth scared me a lot before I found out about you. I didn't have two easy pregnancies or two easy births, both first pregnancies were hard and left me wanting it to 'just be over' at the end. With you though, what a difference...it makes me feel like I could do this again. I would have never 'thought it' when I was pregnant with your sisters. Anyway, since we are officially overdue, the doctor has set the date for next Monday, March 12th, a day after you complete 41 weeks. I am excited to meet you then, if that is the case, but I am still hopeful that you will surprise me and come before. I would love the experience of feeling contractions and deciding what time to go to the hospital with you, but either way, I am excited to meet you soon... maybe in 4 days!

 Your sister is so excited to meet you. She has been making a thousand plans of what she will do or where she will go when I go birth you. We are all so so excited!

Your sister is so excited to meet you. She has been making a thousand plans of what she will do or where she will go when I go birth you. We are all so so excited!

9/52 | Penelope Portrait


I'm so proud of you for sleeping through the night in your own bedroom... I could go on and complain about getting kicked every now and then when you decide to come to our bed, but the truth is, I love when you do. This will pass like everything else, phases and phases, they don't come back... I love your company and waking up next to this sweet face.

9/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Oh sunny days! This past week we did not leave the house much, walking is hard for me. You guys went outside as much as you could, and this day I was able to capture this portrait of you. The weather was just THAT good that you didn’t need a coat. We talked about how we wanted Liam to be born in March and not February, because February is your birthday month. When he is born we will have birthdays in Jan (Penelope), Feb (you) & March (Liam). Our wishes came true because, well, it’s march and he isn’t here yet.  

Baby Liam | Week 39


This week was a breeze. Yes, sleeping is hard and sometimes it feels like you’re falling out of my ‘you know what’, but the week went by so fast, and I got to enjoy so many days with my girls at home. For the first time I’m not in a hurry for you to be born. I can’t wait to meet you but I know you will be here soon and I’ll miss this part of life. Being pregnant and feeling you move and kick inside me is just such a wonderful feeling (most of the time). But, come now, before you grow too much in there and give me trouble.

Baby Liam | Week 38


The waiting game has begun. I always wonder how it’s going to happen this time around. Will my water break? Will I start feeling contractions? Or will I wait til week 41 to see you? like both of your big sisters. Whatever way it is, I can’t wait to meet you. The last weeks are the ‘worst & best’. The waiting, the excitement, the anxiety. So much has already passed, I keep telling myself: I am patient, I can do this! The good news is, in less than 2 weeks I will meet you. Even if you decide to make me wait til the last possible minute, your time on the inside is coming to an end. I love you more than words can say baby boy, it has been a joy carrying you. 

7/52 | Penelope Portrait


You are always by your sister's side. Always admiring and trying to be like her. It's my luck that she is such a great role model for you. I'm so very proud of you both for being such amazing children. I love to see your relationship grow stronger and to see you learn from each other. I'm so very glad of the age difference and everything that makes your relationship what it is. Even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing.

7/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Just like that, you are 11! I am so proud of the young lady that you are becoming. You are so thoughtful, caring and loving. You help me around the house and with your sister and you are always telling me how excited you are to be having a baby brother soon and how much you will like taking care of him. We had a small gathering with our dearest friend Daphne and her crew to celebrate your 11th birthday and you loved having them over.

Baby Liam | Week 37


All the little things that make your room super special. Teddy & Dino given to you by grandma. Letterboard, wooden box & blanket given by our friend Nay. Dr.Seuss book given by our lovely friend Kristi. School bus which was the first gift you got from us when revealed the gender to your big sisters. Every single detail was delicately chosen for you, my sweet boy! We are so excited to meet you soon.