Baby Liam | Week 38

All the little things that make your room super special. Teddy & Dino given to you by grandma. Letterboard, wooden box & blanket given by our friend Nay. Dr.Seuss book given by our lovely friend Kristi. School bus which was the first gift you got from us when revealed the gender to your big sisters. Every single detail was delicately chosen for you, my sweet boy! We are so excited to meet you soon.


7/52 | Penelope Portrait


You are always by your sister's side. Always admiring and trying to be like her. It's my luck that she is such a great role model for you. I'm so very proud of you both for being such amazing children. I love to see your relationship grow stronger and to see you learn from each other. I'm so very glad of the age difference and everything that makes your relationship what it is. Even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing.

7/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Just like that, you are 11! I am so proud of the young lady that you are becoming. You are so thoughtful, caring and loving. You help me around the house and with your sister and you are always telling me how excited you are to be having a baby brother soon and how much you will like taking care of him. We had a small gathering with our dearest friend Daphne and her crew to celebrate your 11th birthday and you loved having them over.

5/52 | Penelope Portrait


During this week we were impatiently waiting for our house to get done. You were a dream throughout the whole process of going to a million places and getting a million things. Constant to do lists and a not so 'calm' mother. I remember taking this photo of you during those weeks. I was so exhausted one day and you brought me 'fererro rocher chocolates' while I rested in bed. The truth is they were more for you than for me but you still brought them to share with me. I love you for that!

Baby Liam | Week 36


Hey baby, look how far we’ve come. I decided to take these photos today because they might just be our last portraits of you on the inside. I’m feeling huge right now, and not very enthusiastic about photos. We are expecting to move very soon and life is just ‘busy’... I had your big sister Yasmin shoot this portrait of us today, so that I could remember this blanket that I bought for your room. I plan on using it to take photos of you on it once you’re born. I seriously can’t wait to wrap you in it. 

4/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Lots of things happening for us this past week. You had quarterly assessments and we got to go hang out with some friends. The house got a coat of paint right after this photo, so here is another milestone and check off the list of things done before we move in. It feels like forever, but I promise it’ll be over soon. I know you are impatient to move just as I am and also impatient to meet your baby brother. We are so close!  

3/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


This week you are working on 'common assessments' which are given each semester. You have been studying a lot and playing a lot with your sister as well. You both like playing with the L.O.L. dolls in the 'Critter' house. You make games up, like hiding the dolls in the house and having your sister find them, etc. I'm glad we get to have you around everyday.

1/52 | Penelope Portrait


You were sick this week. You threw up continuously for days. You couldn't keep anything down, not even crackers. All because of something you ate, good poisoning is no joke. You were the only one who ate (what you call 'limpada') and I'm so sad that you had to be the one. I'm so happy that you went through it rather smoothly and got over it and back on your feet.

1/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Today while I cared for your little sister (who threw up continuously for hours), you looked worried and sad. Your caring eyes couldn’t lie about the worry you felt for her. You truly love her, as I love you both. You helped by fetching things for us, and asking over and over how she felt. You are such an amazing sister and I couldn’t ever ask for a better and more loving daughter. I’m so glad you are part of our lives, thank you for being you.