Week 9 | Liam Portrait


You are getting so big. You are super attentive. You follow us around with your eyes as we walk past you or stand close. You recognize my voice, and you smile so much when you see our faces. It feels like we are almost getting the feeding part on track, even though this weekend was a rough one for us. You're gaining weight quickly and I feel like you will be out of your 3M clothes pretty soon. Nights are not half as hard with you as it was with your sisters. You even sleep in the bassinet, as long as you're swaddled, which never happened with either of them. Which makes me think that thirds are definitely easier. Thank you for choosing us as your family.

Week 8 | Liam Portrait


It's crazy how much you look like your sister Penelope when she was little. If you were twins you probably wouldn't look so much like each other. I love that I have so many photos of her to look back to and compare. I am doing the same with you, taking many photos and keeping them organized. I know one day I will be glad of this, because time really is flying.

18/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait

I haven't shot a portrait that feels like 'me' in a long time. I love contrast, colors, light and playing with shadows. This portrait feels exactly like my old 'photographer' self. I guess I just haven't been outside enough and I miss this. I'm so glad you posed for me for this week's bloom collective theme. Beauty: it's what you are. I love this!


Week 7 | Liam Portrait

You are S E V E N weeks.
You sleep 3-4 hours at night, wake up for a feeding and go back to sleep for another 2-3 (and I thank you for that). You are still a gassy baby, but also a baby that can pass gas. You're my easiest so far, maybe because after two babies, you know things will get better and you just wait it out. Knowing things will get better lets you relax and not become anxious with the difficult tasks at hand.


17/52 | Family Portrait


Yasmin had PSSAs this week and we had to wake up super early to make it in time both Monday and Tuesday. Since we had to wait for her for a few hours we decided to go get Penelope's hair cut and a bit of shopping done. Luckily it rained on the third day and daddy was home to drive Yasmin to the test, and assemble the trampoline. You guys haven’t been able to go a day without jumping in it. We were also able to take a family photo. Our first with all 5 of us in one shot.

Week 4 | Liam Portrait


I’ve tried this chair Portrait at least 5 times before this one. Everytime I lay you on this chair it seems I’m laying on spikes. You scream and cry. I hope by 8 weeks you will let me take your 2 month Portrait here so that I can compare your growth every month. This was my big plan for this chair and blanket and I hope to get it done (if you let me).