27/52 Yasmin


We woke up early to watch the sunrise, which turned out to be my favorite time of the day in Clearwater. I loved the soft tones in the sky and the beautiful city in the background where the sun rises.

26/52 Yasmin

We had a wonderful time in Miami. Yasmin loved getting to play with her friend Samantha and to swim in the pools & ocean. She had many ideas for portraits. It's always so much better when she wants to collaborate. The next image was her idea.

I saw these awesome shadows on the wall while they were swimming, gladly she wanted to be photographed.

25/52 Penelope

This week was a fun/busy/sad/happy/hot all together week. We spend a lot of time running around, playing and enjoying our last week with Vovo Teteia. We also had a ton of organizing and shopping to do before our vacation. This photo was from the playground, where I found a new favorite colored wall.

And a red popsicle face.

24/52 Yasmin

It's rare that Yasmin "collaborates" with any photos. Every time I point the camera at her she does exactly what she knows I don't want her to do in order to discourage me. Most of the time I just take the cue and move on. Thus why my photos are of P, but every now and then, I get to squeeze one of Yasmin in. I saw this interesting light on her face and asked her if I could take the photo. She agreed. I love it!

23/52 Penelope

This week we visited the Philadelphia Zoo. She chose a unicorn mask this time and was pretty happy about the result.

We visited Longwood Gardens with friends and Great Grandma. It was so much fun and everyone was exhausted by the time we made it home.

The light show at Longwood Gardens was amazing!

23/52 Yasmin

Yasmin always wanted to do this activity at the zoo, but we always had someone with us who couldn't go. This time Great Grandma watched with Penelope and we finally got to do it. It was so much fun, more than I imagined. Now we found out that Penelope is allowed to go right between us and we are so excited to do this again with Penelope next time we visit.

My lovely girl and some beautiful leaves.

22/52 Penelope


I had an "off" week, with not many photos taken. This one was from last Sunday when we went to a farm with our friends. A Faceless portrait of P picking cherries. It was a super sunny day so I didn't get many photos but we did get a lot of cherries and strawberries...

19/52 Penelope

Monday at The Great Salt Lake. I love how the sun highlights her curls. They are my favorite even when her hair is a crazy mess.

From our last day, because she did so much riding on daddy's shoulder and it would be a shame not to add at least one.

I love when she asks me for help. It reminds me that she still needs me so much. My baby!