Baby Liam - 20 Weeks | Weekly Portrait


I finally got some bump photos with my "babies". Both big sisters participated and I even got some photos alone taken by both my mom and Yasmin. I hope I can keep up with taking some at least a few times a month, maybe once a week.

Week 20 feels so good!  I feel less tired than the early days though I still feel the need to rest in the middle of the day every now and then. This week I started feeling baby move and he is certainly a gymnast. While on my first and second ultrasound I saw how much he moved and I couldn't believe that I couldn't feel him. He was nonstop! Now that I feel him I can tell that he hasn't changed a bit. We've started calling him Gabriel and the name feels good. It's not set in stone yet but it feels right for our baby boy. We will be sure when we see his little face that this is the name for him. Halfway mark!