Baby Liam - Week 22 | Weekly Portrait


Hey there baby boy! A few things have changed this week out here. Grandma and grandpa have moved in with us and we will share their house until our new home is move in ready. We got a lot done, you and I, around the house. I did a lot of cleaning, organizing and making space for grandma and grandpa's things in the house. I'm glad that you have not made me feel so tired as you did those first 20 weeks. I feel like I can accomplish so much, yet sometimes I need to remind myself that you are number one and I need to rest for us. I also had a photo-shoot over the weekend between all the moving and I photographed the cutest twins. It reminded me of the first couple of weeks when I was scared to  be carrying two in there because of the tiredness I was feeling. Everything felt so different than when I had your sisters, something had to be different. I'm so excited to meet you in 18 weeks but take your time in there. Love, Mamãe.