17/52 | Family Portrait


Yasmin had PSSAs this week and we had to wake up super early to make it in time both Monday and Tuesday. Since we had to wait for her for a few hours we decided to go get Penelope's hair cut and a bit of shopping done. Luckily it rained on the third day and daddy was home to drive Yasmin to the test, and assemble the trampoline. You guys haven’t been able to go a day without jumping in it. We were also able to take a family photo. Our first with all 5 of us in one shot.

12/52 | Penelope Portrait


Oh how you love your tiny trinkets. We haven't been outdoors much even though you and your sister sometimes are able to play in the yard and we are so happy about having that space for you guys. We cannot wait until the weather is nice and we can step out more and do more things out there. We are looking forward to some gardening, and getting a trampoline for you guys to burn some energy.  Counting the days until the 'real spring' ...

11/52 | Penelope Portrait


This has been such a huge week for you. You went from little sister to middle sister, and no longer the baby of the house. It wasn’t as easy for you accepting this role as it was for your sister when she became the big sister. You’re warming up to little brother and I’m sure you soon will be proud of your role as middle/big sister. He’s not very interesting to you right now, I totally get it, but he will find his way into your heart soon. I’m sure of it.

9/52 | Penelope Portrait


I'm so proud of you for sleeping through the night in your own bedroom... I could go on and complain about getting kicked every now and then when you decide to come to our bed, but the truth is, I love when you do. This will pass like everything else, phases and phases, they don't come back... I love your company and waking up next to this sweet face.

7/52 | Penelope Portrait


You are always by your sister's side. Always admiring and trying to be like her. It's my luck that she is such a great role model for you. I'm so very proud of you both for being such amazing children. I love to see your relationship grow stronger and to see you learn from each other. I'm so very glad of the age difference and everything that makes your relationship what it is. Even if I could, I wouldn't change a thing.