18/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait

I haven't shot a portrait that feels like 'me' in a long time. I love contrast, colors, light and playing with shadows. This portrait feels exactly like my old 'photographer' self. I guess I just haven't been outside enough and I miss this. I'm so glad you posed for me for this week's bloom collective theme. Beauty: it's what you are. I love this!


11/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


You take the big sister role very seriously. I honestly don’t know how I’d have managed without you this week. You watched your brother so I could shower and did simple but essencial things that I needed some. He loves listening to your voice when you talk or read, he knows who you are, our guardian angel. God blessed me with the best helper I could have dreamed of. I’m so so so proud and glad to have you my big girl. 

10/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


We had the most beautiful week! Lots of relaxing and enjoying our time together. It snowed, and you guys played outside for almost two hours. You didn’t want to come in but it continued to snow and one of the tree branches fell near my car, which scared me to death because you guys had just been playing there. You came inside and we had an amazing lunch and white chocolate for dessert. We caught up on some math so that when Liam is born you could handle most things without too much help from me. You are so responsible and I have no doubt that you will do so well even without me. 

9/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Oh sunny days! This past week we did not leave the house much, walking is hard for me. You guys went outside as much as you could, and this day I was able to capture this portrait of you. The weather was just THAT good that you didn’t need a coat. We talked about how we wanted Liam to be born in March and not February, because February is your birthday month. When he is born we will have birthdays in Jan (Penelope), Feb (you) & March (Liam). Our wishes came true because, well, it’s march and he isn’t here yet.  

7/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Just like that, you are 11! I am so proud of the young lady that you are becoming. You are so thoughtful, caring and loving. You help me around the house and with your sister and you are always telling me how excited you are to be having a baby brother soon and how much you will like taking care of him. We had a small gathering with our dearest friend Daphne and her crew to celebrate your 11th birthday and you loved having them over.

4/52 | Yasmin Luiza Portrait


Lots of things happening for us this past week. You had quarterly assessments and we got to go hang out with some friends. The house got a coat of paint right after this photo, so here is another milestone and check off the list of things done before we move in. It feels like forever, but I promise it’ll be over soon. I know you are impatient to move just as I am and also impatient to meet your baby brother. We are so close!