46/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


We had a huge shift in the weather and haven't been outside as much this past two weeks, but this day we felt brave and decided to go to the park for a walk. We got there, the sky went completely dark, raindrops started coming, and we almost gave up, but decided to walk to a shaded area to try and do your portraits. 5 minutes later, the sun started shining, the rain and sunshine together made such a beautiful scene. Then we walked down to this river and found this beautiful scenery. Now I am in love with this photo of you and so glad that we persisted.


45/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


Always my willing model. You were the coldest since you didn't wear any warm clothing under your hoodie. Not because I didn't tell you to, because I did, but you didn't listen and thought you wouldn't be cold. You were okay though, you collaborated and was even happy after we got into the car. You were happy for having gotten out of the house after so many days cooped up. You were amazing this week with school work and participating in your classes. This year has been the easiest so far for me, because I allowed you to attend live classes and follow the teachers instructions, instead of us both trying to figure things out together. You have been to every class with perfect attendance, and every teacher has a million great things to say about you. It has been harder on you, but you are so eager to learn. I'm 100% proud! 

44/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


We love playing with leaves for Yasmin's portraits. This one was taken a few minutes before my Saturday clients arrived at the park. I can always count on Yasmin to help with testing the 'light'. She was also amazing at our session at Core Creek Park this weekend even though she didn't need a doll as a prize for her awesome behavior. She took advantage of the time before we took our photos to capture her own photos around Longwood Gardens with my Fuji x100f. We all had a wonderful time.

43/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait

Fall is finally looking proper. This week we visited the park three times to see the beautiful changes. I forgot my memory card the first two times and I blame it on pregnancy brain. We found this beautiful tree which is shedding its leaves, each with gorgeous unique tones of orange, red and green. Yasmin offered to do this shot, and of course, when the model is willing we must take advantage. She ended up  not being able to open her eyes much but I love this shot. Collaborating with her is one of my favorite things in life.

41/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


What a beautiful week it was. We had the opportunity to visit the park a few times, and get many things we needed done. This week we also had Yasmin's conference with our homeschool family coach. We were so excited to hear all the beautiful and positive things about Yasmin's progress this year. She has been working so hard, and I am so proud of her achievement. Quarter one is already almost over and she has been able to keep her grades above a 93%. This year she has been attending live classes every day and working on her homework independently. I jump in every now and then when I see her struggling and also to help her keep organized. Even though I still have a part in the process it feels like she is getting more and more independent. 

40/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


My beautiful preteen Yasmin had all the good intentions on collaborating in our weekly portrait session. She picked a dress (miraculously) and sandals herself when she saw her sister in a dress, and all was good, until the bugs showed up. Oh my, how she hates insects, and it seemed to be just the time for the little pesky mosquitoes to come out. I'll take what I can get, even a pout!

39/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


YAY! We made it. The process took a little over 2 months but we got our house, and all the beautiful rosebushes that came with it. Daddy has already started breaking things for the remodel, and we have been here and there with tons of things to pick for the house. We are so excited and can't wait to move in. Here is Yasmin in front of one of the rosebushes in the backyard.

37/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


We visited Pennypack this week for some much needed nature time. I have been so stressed with the house stuff, I really felt like we needed this. As soon as we arrived at the park you both jumped into a puddle of mud. I sort of lost it for a minute and you both were so very sweet afterwards. I'm glad we got to spend this time together and come back home much more relaxed than when we left.

36/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


School has started and you are officially a 5th grader. This week was rough for all of us. We had many things concerning the "attempt to purchase our first home", a short week because of Labor Day, orientation for you on three different days, and then my first ultrasound. So much stress and very little play. You guys made the best of it by playing in the basement with outdoors things that I pretended to ignore. After having such a rough week, next week is sure to be a better one. This photo is of you on your scooter at the "Bird Park". Since Pennypack is so huge, with so many entrances, you guys have nicknamed each part/entrance according to things we see or do there. Today you guys got to ride your scooters at the Bird (watching) Park. 

35/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


Your last week of vacation was spent with many outdoors activities involving your friends and sister. We started summer doing so many activities. This year we visited Utah, Virginia & Florida. We spent a lot of time with great grandma Teteia and visited places like the zoo, the beach, Longwood gardens, and many parks and friend's houses. We slowed down after our Florida vacation because of mom's first trimester of pregnancy. You guys still got to have loads of fun outside with our neighbors and friends. To sum it all up, I think summer 2017 was a total success, and we are ready for fall and 5th grade.

33/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait

We're enjoying the last bit of summer before the chaos starts. Right now, with mommy's surprise pregnancy, us attempting to purchase our dream home, and all the other little things we have going on in our lives, it's a bit hard not to get overwhelmed. The beginning of school is very near and it's scaring us (mostly me) a bit that so many things will be happening at once. Coming to this place brings a little bit of balance to our minds, clicking off the noise and being with you guys, is definitely the most enjoyable part of my existence. Thank you for being awesome kids!

32/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait

We weren't expecting such cool days in the middle of summer. Well, it is no longer the MIDDLE of summer, because we are approaching September, but it is August and August usually means HOTNESS. We went to the park and we felt cold as soon as we walked out of the car. A little running around was enough to warm us up and to make this day a super success. Yasmin made a friend at the playground and did not want to leave. I am always so proud to see how easily she makes friends, with any type of kid.