46/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Truth is, you didn't feel like portraits this day. You did everything you could to avoid me and to 'not listen'. Still I had to capture your little face. This week was a challenge for us. You didn't feel like listening, and you really tested my patience. In a few hours, you wrote all over your hands, you put on my makeup, made all my brushes dirty, colored your face with eyeliner and took all of daddy's shoes off the shelves. Then you took a sheet of paper and sat on the toilet and drew the most wonderful picture gave it to be and kissed my belly. The good definitely outweighs the bad. I love you for that!

46/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


We had a huge shift in the weather and haven't been outside as much this past two weeks, but this day we felt brave and decided to go to the park for a walk. We got there, the sky went completely dark, raindrops started coming, and we almost gave up, but decided to walk to a shaded area to try and do your portraits. 5 minutes later, the sun started shining, the rain and sunshine together made such a beautiful scene. Then we walked down to this river and found this beautiful scenery. Now I am in love with this photo of you and so glad that we persisted.


44/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


We are loving on all things fall this week. Our Lorimer Park is looking absolutely beautiful with tones of yellow, red and green. The day of this photo you guys accompanied me to the park for one of my fall sessions, and you both behaved very well for grandma. On Sunday we visited Longwood Gardens together for our own family photos and you were promised an L.O.L. doll if you behaved and collaborated. Unfortunately while arriving at the store we found out that they had run out of these little dolls. You were so understanding and decided to wait until the next time we go to the store to get your prize. You're such a big girl!

35/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Hey little one, this year holds big things for you, you are becoming a big sister, and going into pre-school. I am so proud of the little human being that you are, and the big girl you are becoming. The other day for example, I had cut some apples for you, you were playing outside and I called you to the door. I asked how many apple pieces you wanted to take and you said two. You immediately ran to your friend, apples in hand, and asked her if she wanted one. That was so kind of you, especially since I didn't tell you to. It came straight from your kind heart and it made me so proud.

35/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


Your last week of vacation was spent with many outdoors activities involving your friends and sister. We started summer doing so many activities. This year we visited Utah, Virginia & Florida. We spent a lot of time with great grandma Teteia and visited places like the zoo, the beach, Longwood gardens, and many parks and friend's houses. We slowed down after our Florida vacation because of mom's first trimester of pregnancy. You guys still got to have loads of fun outside with our neighbors and friends. To sum it all up, I think summer 2017 was a total success, and we are ready for fall and 5th grade.

23/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait

Yasmin always wanted to do this activity at the zoo, but we always had someone with us who couldn't go. This time Great Grandma watched with Penelope and we finally got to do it. It was so much fun, more than I imagined. Now we found out that Penelope is allowed to go right between us and we are so excited to do this again with Penelope next time we visit.

My lovely girl and some beautiful leaves.