45/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


It feels like we are floating through the weeks. We are waiting for our house to get done and getting all we can in order in the meantime. For you guys, it has been pretty fun living with grandma and grandpa. They play your favorite card games with you, like trash and Uno and never complain. The temperature has been pretty low the past week and we barely went out of the house. On this day we decided to go for a walk at the park, but only endured about a half hour before feeling too cold and returning home for hot chocolate. You kept saying to me: "Mom, take a picture of me", while I was trying to take Yasmin's portrait. You sat there quietly on this branch with the most angelic face when I turned the camera towards you. I thought it was the funniest. 

45/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


Always my willing model. You were the coldest since you didn't wear any warm clothing under your hoodie. Not because I didn't tell you to, because I did, but you didn't listen and thought you wouldn't be cold. You were okay though, you collaborated and was even happy after we got into the car. You were happy for having gotten out of the house after so many days cooped up. You were amazing this week with school work and participating in your classes. This year has been the easiest so far for me, because I allowed you to attend live classes and follow the teachers instructions, instead of us both trying to figure things out together. You have been to every class with perfect attendance, and every teacher has a million great things to say about you. It has been harder on you, but you are so eager to learn. I'm 100% proud! 

37/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


We visited Pennypack this week for some much needed nature time. I have been so stressed with the house stuff, I really felt like we needed this. As soon as we arrived at the park you both jumped into a puddle of mud. I sort of lost it for a minute and you both were so very sweet afterwards. I'm glad we got to spend this time together and come back home much more relaxed than when we left.

36/52 Yasmin Luiza | Weekly Portrait


School has started and you are officially a 5th grader. This week was rough for all of us. We had many things concerning the "attempt to purchase our first home", a short week because of Labor Day, orientation for you on three different days, and then my first ultrasound. So much stress and very little play. You guys made the best of it by playing in the basement with outdoors things that I pretended to ignore. After having such a rough week, next week is sure to be a better one. This photo is of you on your scooter at the "Bird Park". Since Pennypack is so huge, with so many entrances, you guys have nicknamed each part/entrance according to things we see or do there. Today you guys got to ride your scooters at the Bird (watching) Park.