46/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Truth is, you didn't feel like portraits this day. You did everything you could to avoid me and to 'not listen'. Still I had to capture your little face. This week was a challenge for us. You didn't feel like listening, and you really tested my patience. In a few hours, you wrote all over your hands, you put on my makeup, made all my brushes dirty, colored your face with eyeliner and took all of daddy's shoes off the shelves. Then you took a sheet of paper and sat on the toilet and drew the most wonderful picture gave it to be and kissed my belly. The good definitely outweighs the bad. I love you for that!

45/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


It feels like we are floating through the weeks. We are waiting for our house to get done and getting all we can in order in the meantime. For you guys, it has been pretty fun living with grandma and grandpa. They play your favorite card games with you, like trash and Uno and never complain. The temperature has been pretty low the past week and we barely went out of the house. On this day we decided to go for a walk at the park, but only endured about a half hour before feeling too cold and returning home for hot chocolate. You kept saying to me: "Mom, take a picture of me", while I was trying to take Yasmin's portrait. You sat there quietly on this branch with the most angelic face when I turned the camera towards you. I thought it was the funniest. 

44/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


We are loving on all things fall this week. Our Lorimer Park is looking absolutely beautiful with tones of yellow, red and green. The day of this photo you guys accompanied me to the park for one of my fall sessions, and you both behaved very well for grandma. On Sunday we visited Longwood Gardens together for our own family photos and you were promised an L.O.L. doll if you behaved and collaborated. Unfortunately while arriving at the store we found out that they had run out of these little dolls. You were so understanding and decided to wait until the next time we go to the store to get your prize. You're such a big girl!

43/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait

Another day at Pennypack Park. We got dressed to go out to the park and as soon as we opened the door we saw the heavy rain. We sadly retreated back inside and decided to make something warm to eat and leave the park for another day. We made some cupcakes and when we were done we looked out to see the most beautiful sunlight. We hurried to get dressed again and headed to the park with our rain boots on on a search for adventure.

42/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Wait, what? 10 more weeks and we'll be done with 2017.  This project has already given me more than I could ask for. I love going back to the early weeks and reading about the things we did and were so excited about. Even though it was a rough year for the world, we've accomplished so much for our family and I am thankful.  

41/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Back in the summer we took a photo in this same bush with the leaves so big and beautiful. She was playing between them and I just loved the colors and shapes of the leaves. This week while back in the park we stopped to see how much it had changed. There were blooms and the leaves seemed smaller and with a tint of yellow. We had to capture it!

40/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Our weekly prompt for the bloom collective this week is window light. Penelope was happy to help me with the prompt. I photographed her by the window for a little while with her baby brother's first car and Dino. All of a sudden she decided to pick up the glass prism which was sitting by the window and this shot happened. I especially love her little smile and sparkling eyes. 

39/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait

For Penelope, new house, means tons of new "places" to explore. Her favorite things this week were hiding behind the garage and getting to run in and out of dad's work trailer. They both headed to grandma's for a sleepover on Friday and Penelope carried along some of her favorite characters "her treasure", to play at grandma's. It's so wonderful how at this age, the simplest of things can mean so much to her, for example these cat ears which she wears 90% of the time.

38/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


I shot this photo for Bloom Collective's pattern theme and decided it'd be perfect for your portrait. You're into a phase where you love helping me out and it's getting a little harder getting "natural" expressions out of you. You delicately held the leaf and afterward asked me if you could take it home. Our house would be filled with rocks and leaves if it depended on you. 

35/52 Penelope | Weekly Portrait


Hey little one, this year holds big things for you, you are becoming a big sister, and going into pre-school. I am so proud of the little human being that you are, and the big girl you are becoming. The other day for example, I had cut some apples for you, you were playing outside and I called you to the door. I asked how many apple pieces you wanted to take and you said two. You immediately ran to your friend, apples in hand, and asked her if she wanted one. That was so kind of you, especially since I didn't tell you to. It came straight from your kind heart and it made me so proud.