A Quick Mini Session at Core Creek Park - Langhorn, PA | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

We arrived late at Core Creek with almost no light but found this gorgeous spot with many beautiful fall leaves. Camila who is 'already' (gasp) 6 months! was overdue for her photos, so we really HAD to take the opportunity to take these. I loved photographing her and big brother, they are both perfect models, the camera loved them as you could probably see. Mom and dad we cool too ;) 

Welcoming Fall at Lorimer Park - Abington, PA | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Yesterday I photographed my first family of fall. Although it was 80 degrees and very green, we were able to find many yellows and reds throughout the session, which gave little Lucas something fun to do. It was a pleasure photographing this crew again, and this time during fall.

A Colorful Family Session at Longwood Gardens | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

I love photographing outdoors and in nature, but every now and then I get to photograph at beautiful places like Longwood Gardens. It is my absolute favorite spot to photograph during the "crazy weather months"... This is a session I did early in the spring of this beautiful family. It was a warm day and we got to do a little bit of indoors and outdoors. They had never been to the gardens and they were in awe with all the beauty present. I loved capturing a mixture of portraits and lifestyle photos of their family. Though I had literally hundreds of photos I loved from their session, I'm sharing a few of my favorites.

September 10 on 10 | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

Some favorites from August/September. I'm very excited for these greens to turn into yellows & reds. Now I'm linking up to Breanna. Go over to her page to check out her 10! 

1. All the flare | Canon 5D3 | 24mm
2. In the shrub | Fuji x100f | 23mm
3. New Spot | Fuji x100f | 23mm
4. Through | Canon 5D3 | 35mm
5. The Bun Girl | Canon 5D3 | 24mm
6. Sun Spot | Canon 5D3 | 24mm
7. Last Day of Vacay | Canon 5D3 | 24mm
9. Favorite Branch | Canon 5d3 | 35mm
8. Get that Flower | Canon 5D3 | 35mm
10. Log Climbing | Canon 5D3 | 35mm

Warming up for fall | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

As I'm getting pumped and ready for fall, I've been looking over my past "fall photo-shoots" and I came upon this session done very early in the fall of 2015. I'm not sure why I never posted these. Here are Carolyne's senior photos. She's a true beauty don't you agree?

July 10 on 10 | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

For the Fourth of July weekend we left Philadelphia and drove for 24 hours to Miami Beach, FL. After one day in Miami we drove 5 hours to our second destination, Clearwater, FL. We loved both locations, each for different reasons. I took over 2,000 photos and wanted to select my favorites for this month's 10 on 10. Now, selecting 10 images out of 2k is mission impossible when I love so many of them. I decided to select 10 images out of one outing I had with my babe Yasmin. We woke up at 6 am one morning to watch the sunrise by the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous and worth every minute. As soon as we walked out my lens fogged up, but luckily became accustomed to the hot moisture. The first image shows the fogged up lens, and I love it! Following are a few of my favorites.

Now I'm linking up to Mary Colleen. Go over to her page to check out her June/July photos.

Princesses at the Longwood Gardens | Evelyne Lourenco | Kennett Square, PA

It was a perfect day to walk around the gardens with these beauties. Our time there started off with lots of sun and a touch of humidity, not long after we started to walk around we noticed that it was getting darker and darker. The storm clouds were forming and we got caught up by some beautiful and refreshing rain. It's always a pleasure to be accompanied by such wonderful people. I've had the pleasure of photographing them twice before. Once when the littlest was still in mom's belly, last year when she was one and this year at almost 2 years of age. I love seeing their love for each other and how sweet and harmonious they are together.