This is a collection of some of my favorite sessions taken in Philadelphia, PA and close regions.

April 10 on 10 | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Lifestyle Photographer

Our lovely March.
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1. P + Mom at Longwood Gardens
2. Orchids in Display at Longwood Gardens
3. Y + Mom at Longwood Gardens
4. Fuji Flare at The Target Parking Lot
5. Feeling Free at Longwood Gardens
6. My Bun Girl + Her Shadow at Home
7. Roller-Skating at the Playground
8. Butterfly at the Philadelphia Zoo
9. Finds on the Road
10. Portrait of P at Home

February 10 on 10 | Evelyne Lourenco Photography

January was unusually busy for us this year. I photographed 6 sessions + completed my first month of the 365 project + collaborated in this wonderful project hosted by the bloom forum + we drove 20 hours to Orlando + visited Disney World's Magic Kingdom at day & night (watched the amazing fireworks) and even had some time leftover to visit Sea World (even though we were only there for 2 and half days). Since I already shared our Disney/Sea World photos all over the place, I decided to share a bit of our "daily art time" and Penelope's first "successful P". She was SO EXCITED about it! Next I'm linking up to Mary Colleen and her little crew, you need to check out her beautiful film photos (many props to you my dear friend, you totally rocked it). Then continue to follow our blog circle until you get back to me.

Baby Elias | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Lifestyle & Portrait Photographer

A few weeks ago I photographed this beautiful family at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA. I had photographed this couple while they were expecting *the now big brother Lucas* and it was such a pleasure to photograph them again. Here are a few of my favorites from their session.

Cinderella's Castle at Night | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Portrait & Lifestyle Photographer

We had a last minute trip to Orlando, Florida and we knew the first thing we wanted to do/see was Cinderella's Castle. It was night. I was so bummed that we didn't make it in time to see it during daytime, but the feeling went away as soon as we reached it. The castle is simply gorgeous at night. We waited for the fireworks show, and as I watched and photographed it, tears ran down my cheeks. It is such a wonderful thing to see even if you're an adult. The girls loved it but I think I was the one overwhelmed with emotions. I'm so thankful for having had this experience with them. Here are some of my favorite captures.

December 10 on 10 | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

A few things I loved about November/December: Thanksgiving dinner, photographing things I am thankful for, morning fog, cloudy days, slowing down, and the red coat (which appeared in almost all of the photos I took this month).

I am wishing LOVE & JOY to all of my clients, my friends, my family and the wonderful people who visit this blog. Our next 10 on 10 circle will be in 1017! I have loved this circle and keeping up with these talented friends who contributed each month in 2016. Thank you all for inspiring me, for your support, for the time and love you have put in each month. I feel blessed to be able to share a little bit of this journey with you girls. Have a wonderful end of 2016 and HAPPY EVERYTHING!!!!

Linking up to my dear friend Kristi ❤️

Lucas is coming - Maternity Session at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Maternity Photographer

It was the windiest and coldest of days here in the east coast. We were all very glad to have planned this session at the cozy, warm and beautiful gardens of Longwood Gardens. Usually the gardens are pretty busy, with lots of crowds going about admiring the amazing scenes provided all year long. Due to the "bad" weather outdoors, not many people were present this day. We lucked out big time. Here are a few of my favorites from this session.