10 on 10 November | Evelyne Lourenco | Philadelphia Family Photographer

I'm going to be a rebel and post 12 photos this month because I liked how they looked together as a grid. Fall season the past 3 years has always been a time of stress for me. It usually starts with a ton of excitement about booking a lot of sessions, and ends on a different note. I admit, the feeling of being wanted for what I do (photography) is just amazing. Usually in the past I have let myself stress and take more than I could handle. It's a flaw that I have, that I cannot say no. This year I made a goal that I would not let it get stressful. I took steps, and here we are, coming to a closing of the season feeling absolutely AMAZING. My body is tired, yes, but so grateful. These little outings helped us get through the days where it was getting rough. It's amazing what a "dose of nature" can do for our body, mind and soul. This is what October/November felt like for us. Now follow up with the beautiful Breanna Peterson from Alaska.