June 10 on 10 | 2017

OH WOW! What a CRAZY GOOD month. Looking back, I can't believe we have done so much in just a month. We traveled across the country to Utah and met our amazing friend and fellow 10 on 10 member Kristi + her beautiful family. She was kind enough to show us some lovely spots in Salt Lake City and she even baked me a delicious birthday cake for my 3 point O. I am SO lucky & currently craving some of that cake! Back over on the east coast, we have had some hot weather, some not so hot weather, park time, pool time, beach time, farm time, zoo time, chill time, and so much time with friends we love (some not pictured). Enough said, the month was amazing PERIOD. Here are a few photos to show. Linking to the amazing Kristi, who is the next person in our very small circle this month.

1. The Salt Flats | Salt Lake City, UT
2. Storm Moutain | Salt Lake City, UT
3. Climb to Donut Falls | Salt Lake City. UT
4. The Great Salt Lake | Salt Lake City, UT
5. Kristi & Claire at the waterfall | Salt Lake City, UT
6. Yasmin at The Beach | Virginia Beach, VA
7. New Bracelet | Virginia Beach, VA
8. Feeding the Goats at Johnson's Farm | Medford, NJ
9. Our people at Johnson's Farm | Medford, NJ
10. Unicorn Mask at the Zoo | Philadelphia, PA