37/100 - You are a BIG SISTER! It's a big change for you, and already I see you accept this role. You have been talking about it every now and then for the past few days. Today Yasmin told you to move your foot from her leg, and you told her: "You're being mean to me and you're going to be mean to the baby". It was so random and not very true, but it's incredible to see how you are already acknowledging that there is a baby on the way and that it will be a part of both of your lives.

We leave the house

35/100 - Please excuse my complete lack of creativity. It has been hard for me even leaving the house. Today we visited the hospital so I could get insurance set up for my first doctor visit in August. I can't believe it will take that long but it seems to be true. I also gathered some energy to take you guys to the splash pad in NJ. I seem to have more energy towards the end of the day so this worked out. We didn't spend much time there because it was hot and I was running out of "power" but you guys had a good enough time and I am glad I went. I wish you didn't have to suffer the loss of summer activities because of my lack of energy but I am so glad you both understand and collaborate.

Happy Birthday America

27/100 - Penelope and I woke up early to watch the sunrise with Davi and Nay. We also had a yummy breakfast together then headed to the pool, but not long after we headed up to our room for a nap. Yasmin went to the beach with daddy while we napped and then we had lunch together. Later in the day we went to the beach for some photos together and a walk to the store and ice cream. We lit up some sparklers to celebrate the 4th. Happy Birthday to our dear America!

Early rise and a great day

26/100 - Yasmin and I woke up to watch the sunrise. It was insanely beautiful and some of my favorite photos I've ever taken of Yasmin. I love spending time with just her every now and then. These are precious moments we get to enjoy together. We collected some cool shells then headed back to the hotel for a breakfast date. She and I loved the hotel's french toast, definitely one of the best things we ate during our stay. This day we also did tons of swimming, napping, and Yasmin and daddy got to ride a jet ski and even see some dolphins. Unfortunately me and P couldn't join them (only 6+), so maybe next time. Here are some of my favorites from day 2 in Clearwater, FL.


24/100 - I love the variety of things we got to do in Miami. We swam in the pool & ocean, had the most delicious pizza for lunch and the most amazing dinner with our friends, visited a candy shop and a Melissa store, between so many other things. For you guys, the highlight of the day was having Sammy over to play. You all got along so well, it was amazing to see.

Last minute shopping

21/100 - Yesterday we went to the mall with great grandma to buy some last gifts to send with her to Brazil. We loved having her here and we cannot wait for her return. This morning when we woke up the first thing Penelope asked was if "vovo Teteia" was in the basement, because she did not see her on the couch (her usual spot). No honey, she is probably flying by now and I am very happy that we got to see her and have her around these past 2 months.

Preparing for vacation

20/100 - We are getting ready for our FL vacation and we are super excited about "beach time". We plan on celebrating America's Independence by the beach watching fire words and lighting up some sparklers. We stopped by the playground for an hour before heading to the mall for some last minute necessities. We are so ready, just counting the hours now.