Cunha-Dias Family | Fall Session at Lorimer Park - Huntington Vallery, PA | Evelyne Photography, Portraits & Lifestyle

I was stunned to see Lorimer park looking this gorgeous this past weekend. I had been there a few days before and it was nothing like this. It seemed the leaves had turned just for us, making this perfect shade of yellows and oranges. The weather and scenery were just perfect for this gorgeous family’s photoshoot. I had such a great time capturing their lovely smiles, and beautiful connection between each other. The girls are so sweet, and I was even able to capture some silly expressions! What a perfect late afternoon session.


The Ribeiro Family | Fall Family Session at Lorimer Park - Huntington Valley, PA | Evelyne Photography, Portraits & Lifestyle

I always enjoy the beginning of fall and the way the leaves turn into a beautiful shades of green and yellows before the oranges and reds come out. I love everything about fall, and watching the transition of the leaves is one of my favorite fall activities. I visited Lorimer park at least 10 times this autumn, and each and every time time I was able to notice the little differences that make fall so special. This session was done in the beginning of the season and the colors of the park are just amazing. It was so much fun walking around the park during a relaxing late day with this little crew. They were amazing to photograph, and so easy going. We had a wonderful afternoon with this gorgeous view to enjoy.


The Monteiro Family | Fall Mini Session at Pennypack Park - Philadelphia, PA

I love doing these mini portrait sessions, especially when the family is so easy on the eyes as these folks. I've photographed them many times before and each year we feel more relaxed and ready to get things started. This year we didn't make it for spring photos, but I was so glad to capture them in this beautiful fall setting. The leaves turned 'literally' the night before for their photos. I had been to the same park 2 days before and it was so bland and green. What a happy surprise it was to see it looking this 'fallish'!

The 'Koogler' Family | Fall Family Session at Lorimer Park - Abington, PA

After having had an incredibly fun session last year with these guys, and even spotting a BALD EAGLE during our session, I thought we could never top it off. Sabrina had seen one of my previous sessions this year at Lorimer Park, which had a family looking down a cliff, and decided that "yep, that's our spot". What a great choice it was for this beautiful/adventurous family. We explored this park like I had never done before. The boys got to climb rocks, run across huge logs, and skip rocks. Honestly, MY FAVORITE type of session. I love an adventurous family! Oh and we even got some portraits in between all the fun. Here are just a few of my favorites.

The 'Almeida' Family | Fall Family Session at Lorimer Park - Abington, PA

I am so thankful for my return families. I love to see how much the children have grown, and also how the parents always seem more relaxed and prepared each year. About a year before, I photographed this beautiful family while they were expecting the arrival of their baby sister Rachel. This is our fourth time together, and to our luck, with a GORGEOUS fall setting and PERFECT 78 degree weather. I am so in love with the outcome of their session so I had to share it over here at the blog. May god continue to bless you beautiful family Ravena & Andre.

The 'Magalhaes' Family | Fall Family Session at Pennypack Park - Philadelphia,PA

We got to Pennypack on a late Monday evening. All I could think was, THE SUN IS GONE, what am I going to do? It was getting dark, but we did not give up. How could I give up after seeing this beautiful momma all made up, with her children and husband ready to have a good time with me? So I bumped up my ISO (camera term, I'm a geek) and looked for the brighter spots at the park. They were just naturals, and within less than an hour I took some of my favorite photographs of fall thus far. Here is their session.